A Business Attorney That Supports Innovation

General Business

If you are starting out or operating your own business, Barbara Berschler can help you make the right decisions to move forward and generally to avoid pitfalls. Because of her extensive experience as a business-focused attorney, she can counsel you with practical and objective advice.

She will aid you in answering such questions as:  What business entity structure makes the most sense, a corporation, limited liability company or sole proprietorship?  Do all the owners agree on the main objectives of the business? Are they willing to sign a shareholders' agreement or an LLC operating agreement?  Do you need special contracts to run your business, such as service contracts, confidentiality agreements, buy-sell agreements? Do you understand the terms and conditions of contracts, commercial leases or licenses you are asked to sign?

Offering prompt answers to these and other business related questions can make a big difference in your smooth operations. Based on her considerable knowledge gained during her long legal career, Barbara Berschler will reach the heart of your matter and identify practical and cost efficient solutions.

If you want documents to be drafted or reviewed such as shareholder agreements, LLC operating agreements, general contracts, licenses, commercial leases or purchase-sales agreements, Ms. Berschler understands their importance to you and will attend to them promptly and efficiently.

Franchise Businesses

If you want to buy a franchise business, Barbara Berschler offers representation and guidance throughout the franchise purchase process. She can review and negotiate your franchise agreement, and answer questions about operating your business under such a system.

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), required to be provided by a franchisor before a sale of a franchise can take place, is a document you want to understand. By her review of the FDD, Ms. Berschler will help you to understand what will be expected of you and what you can expect from the franchisor. The FDD confirms the special relationship between franchisor and franchisee which includes an added level of oversight by the franchisor, as well as specifying royalties, advertising and training fees.

In addition, many states, such as Maryland and Virginia, require the franchisor to register its offering in the state before  and may impose additional special requirements.


Barbara Berschler will aid you in understanding the Franchise Disclosure Document also know as the FDD,  the allocation of responsibilities between the franchisor and franchisee, and the multiple documents you will be asked to sign, such as a franchise agreement, guaranty, commercial lease, special services contracts.

Because it is critical to be aware of important issues before signing a franchise agreement, Barbara Berschler can help you assess whether the franchisor's vision will work for you. She is also able to provide such related services as: the formation of a corporation or limited liability company, commercial lease review and negotiation, and assisting in the sale or purchase of a franchised business.