Maryland Resident Agent

Information for Companies doing business in Maryland

All companies doing business in Maryland are required by law to identify and register a Resident Agent with Maryland, who serves the purposes of receiving official communications on behalf of the company, mainly related to litigation, and seeing that the owner of the company is notified. This requirement applies to a for-profit or not-for-profit corporation, limited liability company (LLC), and partnership,  whether the company is formed within Maryland and is known as a “domestic” entity, or is formed outside of Maryland, but wants to conduct business in Maryland, and therefore is known as a “foreign” entity.

In addition to entities being required to have a resident agent, some statewide and county licenses and permits also require an out-of-state applicant to identify a local agent.  Examples are for residential leasing permits in Montgomery County and master electrician licenses in Maryland.  Ms. Berschler can provide the necessary agent services for non-Maryland residents wishing to do business in Maryland.

Maryland SealBarbara Berschler offers personalized and flexible Resident Agent services for both domestic and foreign companies doing business in Maryland.   Unlike impersonal, multi-state, website services, when you call to inquire, you will speak with a real person who is familiar with Maryland’s Resident Agent requirements.  That way you will obtain the information you need, and work with with a real person who will see that the process runs smoothly and is successful.

If you need to change who serves as your resident agent, Ms. Berschler knows how to accomplish this and will make the process easy.

For a yearly fee of $100.00, Barbara Berschler can serve in that important capacity allowing for continuity of service and a certain level of confidentiality. Please call our office to receive more particularized information.