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Websites viewed from PC and laptop screens will likely be passé in a few years if Google has anything to say about it.  Recently, Google launched Google TV at its May 2010 I/O Developers’ Conference in San Francisco. (   The goal of the new platform will be to blend the best of TV and Web offerings.

Google TV combines the functions of Internet with high definition television.  Currently, the hardware consists of Sony televisions and Logitech set-top boxes and will be available in Best Buy stores this fall.

As a website or app developer, you should care because to maximize the user’s experience, it will be important to have specially designed custom web pages for Google TV. Also, because the Google TV device will be powered by a 1.2 gigahertz processor,  designers will be able to create new experiences for the viewers.

To get ahead of the curve, check out the tools that Google has provided to help developers design web pages and apps for its TV platform.  (

As is pointed out in MIT’s Technology Review article ( Google does not have any strong content providers on board.  However, once some dynamite apps are created for the new platform and are embraced by viewers,  the content owners are bound to follow.

Given all of the hand-held devices being marketed, do you think Google is on the right track?  What legal issues do you foresee if you would like to program for this new platform?    One thought that I have is that as a website or app designer entering this arena, just be sure to read and understand the small print in the licenses under which you will be designing.


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Jon Enten says:


Good thoughts!! Google TV is the next wave of technology! And leave it to Google to be the first to get into this arena (of course they have the resources to pull this off) but remember Web TV from Microsoft? That went the way of New Coke!

But as necessity is the mother of invention, it is only a matter of time before someone bridges the gap between TV and Internet and then we’ll watch as cable and broad band providers battle over who will be dominant force…my money’s on Google!

Great post Barbara. I’m looking forward to more.

Dear Cheryl, Thank you for your kind remarks. Check out my latest effort! Barbara

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